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About VBL: Founded in 1974, Varsani Brakelinings Ltd has been at the forefront in friction technology in East Africa. With our manufacturing plant in Nairobi, we are the only born and bred Kenyan brand in our industry. VBL is known for its high quality products and exceptional value.

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As market leaders in our region we invest considerably in quality controls and processes. We have established standards to ensure consistently superior quality products for our distributors and customers.

Our range friction material covers a significant range of Japanese, Korean, Indian, European and some
American vehicle makes and
models. Our current friction product range includes brake linings, brake pads, brake rolls, clutch facings, brake bonding adhesives (Bostik), rivets, and heavy duty rolls for Industrial applications.

VBL mission

Our mission at Varsani Brake Linings is to design, manufacture, and deliver exemplary braking solutions that prioritize the safety of our customers. We are committed to upholding the highest quality standards by engineering products that surpass industry benchmarks. Through continuous innovation and unwavering dedication, we aim to play a crucial role in safeguarding lives and elevating the driving experience for our community.

VBL Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of superior braking components, setting new standards in safety and quality. We aspire to create a world where every vehicle can stop safely, enabling confident and secure journeys.

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