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Special Brake Pads for PSVs and Matatus

matatu special brake pads

Are you looking for superior-performance brake pads for your Matatu PSV? Special brake pads for PSVs and matatus, Nissans, Box? Matatus are unique vehicles that undergo high-stress conditions due to their constant stopping, quick acceleration, and frequent deceleration.

These Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) are high-performance and cover extensive distances, often exceeding 150,000 kilometers a year. This is why they require special heavy-duty brake pads and regular servicing to ensure optimal operation and passenger safety.

What to look for in Brake pads for Matatus

Why can’t Matatus use standard brake pads? The answer lies in their unique demands. Standard brake pads are designed for regular vehicles with average usage patterns.

Matatus, on the other hand, require brake pads that can handle extreme conditions. It is crucial to select the right brake pads to ensure the safety and performance of your Matatu. Here is what you should look for:

Durability of Brake Pads for PSVs and Matatus

Matatus require brake pads that can withstand heavy usage and high mileage. Look for brake pads made from durable materials. These pads should be capable of handling wear and tear without requiring frequent replacements.

When looking for high-quality durable brake pads, consider those made from materials like semi-metallic compounds or ceramic formulations.

These materials are popular for their robustness and longevity. Semi-metallic brake pads combine metal and friction materials to provide excellent durability and heat dissipation, making them suitable for high-stress conditions. Ceramic brake pads are durable and resistant to wear, making them a popular choice for Matatus.


Due to the demanding driving conditions, Matatus need brake pads that provide excellent stopping power. Opt for brake pads that offer consistent and reliable performance, especially in emergency braking situations. Ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads provide quick stopping power in traffic and demanding driving conditions.

Heat Resistance

Matatus experience frequent braking, leading to significant heat generation. Consider choosing brake pads with great heat dissipation properties to prevent brake fade. Semi-metallic brake pads dissipate heat efficiently. However, ceramic brake pads disperse heat better than semi-metallic ones.

Low Noise and Vibration

Brake noise can be disruptive and uncomfortable for passengers. Opt for brake pads designed to minimize noise without compromising performance. While semi-metallic brake pads are ideal for Matatus in Kenya, they can be noisy. Matatu special ceramic brake pads produce minimal noise and dust.

Ease of Maintenance

PSVs require regular brake system maintenance due to their intense usage. Choose brake pads that are easy to inspect and replace, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads are relatively easy to install and require minimal repairs.

When servicing your brakes, check the pads for thickness. The ideal brake pad thickness should be around 10-12 millimeters. If your brake pads are thinner than 3-4 millimeters, it would be best to replace them.

Safety Certification

Look for brake pads that meet or exceed safety standards and regulations in Kenya. Safety is paramount, especially when carrying passengers. Prioritize certified products to ensure road safety. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brake pads are specifically designed to meet the industry’s safety standards.

Matatu Special VBL Brake Pads

VBL Matatu special brake pads are engineered to meet the demanding needs of Matatus in Kenya. These brake pads are designed with the unique requirements of Matatu operators in mind. They offer exceptional durability, superior performance, and enhanced safety. VBL brake pads are manufactured using top-quality materials, ensuring longevity even under the most challenging conditions.

With excellent heat dissipation properties, these brake pads maintain consistent performance throughout long journeys. VBL brake pads are designed to minimize noise and vibration, providing a smooth and quiet braking experience. They are also easy to maintain, reducing downtime and saving on maintenance costs. Choose VBL Matatu special brake pads to enhance the safety, performance, and longevity of your PSV. Contact us today to begin your purchase journey!