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Are you looking for high-quality brake linings for your vehicle? Varsani Brake Linings is the place to be! We offer high-quality and long-lasting brake linings that keep your brakes in optimal condition. Our brake linings cover versatile applications including small cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and more.

Get your brakes running again with our top notch brake linings brands. From ARA to VBL, our brake linings are designed to ensure your safety on the road, providing a smooth driving experience. Discover more about our superior brake linings below.

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VBL Brake Linings

Varsani Manufacturing

Our very own (VBL) Varsani Brake Linings provide exceptional performance ensuring your rides are safe, seamless, and worry-free. These premium quality brake linings provide reliable stopping power, enhancing your road safety. Our custom brake linings are built to last, saving you the hassle of frequent repairs and replacements in the long haul.  

Key features

  • Friction Performance: Our high-quality brake linings provide consistent and reliable friction performance. They offer effective stopping power without excessive noise or vibration.
  • Wear Resistance: We provide brake linings that withstand wear and tear over extended periods.
  • Heat Resistance: Our premium quality brake linings can withstand high temperatures without deteriorating.
  • Fade Resistance: Our exemplary brake linings are resistant to fade, maintaining consistent braking performance.
brake linings in kenya

ARA Brake Linings

Akscorp manufacturing

Our team is dedicated to providing you with only the best and most reliable brake linings. This is why we offer value for your money with ARA brake linings. This reputable brand produces high-quality brake linings ensuring optima performance.

Our brake linings are designed to suit your specific needs. Whether you need brake linings for your heavy-duty truck or small car, we’ve got you covered. Our brake linings can withstand rough terrains and heavy loads without sustaining significant wear and tear.

  • Noise Reduction: Our top-notch brake linings are designed to minimize brake squeal and noise during braking, providing a quieter and smoother driving experience.
  • Safety: Our high-quality brake linings provide consistent and reliable performance which in turn contributes to a safer driving experience and reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Compatibility: We provide versatile brake linings that work well with various types of braking systems.
Braking perfomance and durability

Why Choose Varsani Brake Linings?

At Varsani Brake Linings, we are dedicated to providing the ultimate experience to our clients. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority. Here are more reasons you should consider choosing our products.


Durable and Long-lasting Brake Linings

Not only do our brake linings offer excellent performance but also last longer. Say goodbye to frequent repairs, replacements, and safety risks. With our brake linings, you can finally save a coin and experience some peace of mind.


Improved safety

We are dedicated to maximizing road safety. Our brake linings meet industry standards and all safety and performance regulations. We ensure that your vehicle’s brake system is in optimal condition, providing you with peace of mind on the road.

For you

Customer support

Our reliable team is always ready to help you navigate your brake lining selection. Your needs come first and we are always ready to address any concern that you might have as swiftly as possible. We are always available to cater to your needs. You can always schedule a consultation any time and be rest assured we will respond promptly.


Team of Experts

Our certified technicians have extensive experience in handling brake systems of all makes and models. You can trust them to deliver top-notch advice and help you select brake linings that best suit your requirements. We offer custom solutions to all your brake lining challenges. No problem is too complex for our team to handle.



Varsani Brake Linings is here to cater to all your brake lining needs. Don’t settle for inferior quality brake linings. Get in touch with us today to get your high-grade brake linings. We look forward to serving you!